New Year Miracle

new-year-wallpaperFor those of you who were in attendance at the last party that I threw, which was overtaken by the apartment’s vampire and her random friends, or for those people who have heard the ridiculous stories, you would think that I have since learned my lesson about planning “small get-togethers” in the New Year. Well–I suppose the second time is a charm.

I write this post as the first sunrise of the New Year slowly creeps above the horizon. Small beams of light are forcefully pushing their way into my rediscovered residence attempting to shine a giant spotlight on some of the events that occurred behind the veil of a starry night.

If I wasn’t sitting here in this moment, I wouldn’t have believed the series of incredible events that have led me to this particular place in time. After hearing about some of the alternative results of similar shindigs, I realize that the universe really is watching out for me. It is here in this strange reflection that I begin to understand the importance of life, love, and the many decisions that we make every day. NYE Decorations

If the New Year is anything like the gathering that began on New Year’s Eve, then bring it on. I was able to prove to myself that I could accomplish incredible things, and that I am capable of more than I previously imagined. I have met new people, strengthened deep bonds with friends, who are more like family, and with family, who I know will always have my back no matter what. I found the things that are truly important to me in my life, and I feel as though last night will be an experience forever engraved in our lives (for the most part).

Last night was an interesting night, and 2013 will be a memorable year. So as I sit breathing the air of a brand new year, I toast my tall glass of water to a year of more new and adventurous memories, less alcohol, and my wonderful present and future family and friends. May my house return to its state before last night’s gathering, may everyone find their possessions, and may the New Year be brighter than the last.

NYE picture grid

2 thoughts on “New Year Miracle

  1. It sounds like you’re describing an epiphany, which is what we need sometimes to allow us to see just how blessed & fortunate we are, as well as to show us inner-strengths we never knew we had! All-in-all, it seems like your New Year’s Party was a blast & that’s always cool too! Lol!


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