Living with a Vampire: Part 1- Moving In


(Relax, it’s only three parts)

As published on Uloop news.

In college, we’re bound to spend some time with a roommate. Some are great, some of them are incredibly strange, and others can be very difficult, so I suppose this story I’m about to tell you was bound to come out. I was asked the other day about my worst roommate experience in college. I thought about it for about two seconds, and immediately my mind drifted back to last year when I had a vampire as a roommate.

Out of the four years, and an extra quarter that I have attended Cal Poly Pomona, I’ve had over ten different roommates cohabitate with me in a closed environment. I’ve made long lasting friendships with some of my roommates, kept in touch every so often with other roommates, and have tried to completely avoid at least two of my roommates that I’ve had in the past. I’ll save the other roommate story for another day.

I lived with a total of four other people last year in the University Village apartments at Cal Poly Pomona. I had met two of my roommates when I was a student in the school’s architecture program, and the other two roommates were sort of randomly assigned to live with us.

The first randomly assigned roommate is a fun loving and fellow vegetarian who I became friends with and still hang out with till this day. She lived with the three of us for the first quarter, and then left her spot open to the other randomly assigned roommate when she decided to study abroad the next quarter.

I was optimistic, at first, about the mystery second roommate. My other roommates and I had incredibly luck with the first randomly assigned roommate that I just assumed we would get another cool person the second round as well. Nope.

My roommates and I were quietly relaxing in our rooms one night when I heard the door slam shut. I shot up out of my comfy position and went to investigate. I found a box that had been literally thrown into our apartment and it had no owner in sight. I waited there for an answer to the randomly appearing box to walk in the front door, but after five minutes I went back to my room and went to bed.

Crashing sounds coming from the front door and a high pitched squeal speaking Spanish to some other person woke me up in the middle of the night. I listened as the girl, who sounded as if she was perpetually on helium, ordered the other person to shove random objects into her new room. I fell asleep after the noise began to die down, but when I woke up the next day I couldn’t find the new roommate.

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