Living with a Vampire: Part 2- The Party


As published in Uloop news.

I went to bed each night that week only to wake up in the middle of it and hear this mysterious roommate making an immense amount of excessive noise. I never once seen her face moving in and, of course, my mind immediately went to the worse thought.

I was convinced that there was something wrong with my new roommate. I had no idea where she was in the day time, and I had confirmation that she was still alive at night. My roommates and I eventually got the hint that she might only come out at night, and so we stayed up late to meet her. She was a petite younger girl with the most annoyingly squeaky voice. She told us that she had moved here from Peru a few years ago, and that she was majoring in nutrition. She seemed normal for few moments after the first conversation that we had with her but, naturally, my assumptions were wrong.

She began decorating her space with strange objects, and she revealed more strange habits and I found her doing some really weird things as the weeks progressed. She told us bizarre stories about how she partied so hard that she woke up and found herself confused in odd paces. She continued to make extremely loud noises at night, but I was too afraid to leave my room and confront her.

I eventually just ignored all of the loud noises at night, the dishes left in the sink, and the violent party stories that she told me when I occasional heard about when we were both awake. I sort of got used to living with a vampire, and I left her alone to do her own thing.

About a month after the vampire moved into our apartment I decided to invite a few people over for a gathering. I made some food, put out some wine, and had a few party games planned for a quiet evening. I, mistakenly, invited the vampire and told her that she could invite a few of her friends.

No more than an hour into the party, my door slammed open and looked up to see over fifty people crammed into my tiny apartment. The friends that I invited got really nervous and eventually left after a few hours of chaos. Chairs were overturned with salsa dripping off them and onto the filthy couches, lights were flickering and knocking into the walls stained with cerveza, about a hundred people had trampled into the apartment, and I had no clue as to how to stop the madness. I left my own party, and when I did come back in the morning, I was livid.

I was greeted to an apartment with the front door wide open, salsa was on everything, the floor was completely wet with God knows what, the walls had beer all over them, and empty red solo cups, cerveza cans, paper plates, and some questionably illegal paraphernalia was scattered all over the apartment.

Unfortunately, I cleaned the entire apartment myself with no vampire in sight. She did warn us, however, that she always woke up in strange places after parties. That night the vampire did eventually return stumbling into the house with a stranger. I asked her what happened the night before and, unsurprisingly, she had no clue.

The vampire told me that she woke up in the stranger’s apartment. Apparently she met him that night as well, and after yelling at her about how she destroyed the apartment, she quickly apologized, went to her room, and began making the noises that my roommates and I would hear for the rest of the year.

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