Living with a Vampire: Part 3- The Bed


As published in Uloop news.

The next day, one of my roommates who I had met in architecture school approached me about the vampire. She told me that she heard the vampire’s bed slowly, but steadily, squeaking all night long. They tried turning up some music to drown out the sound, but the noise was so loud that nothing would help. A day later, my other roommate from architecture mentioned the same thing. The noise just wouldn’t stop.

Eventually the vampire tried to drown out the noise that she was making all night by blasting Death Cab for Cutie. It didn’t help a thing and, if anything, she only sort of ruined a few of their songs for me. The noise continued for a few weeks, and then finally the noises at night ceased. The vampire decided to make these noises during the daytime.

I woke up one morning and had my boyfriend at the time come over from some pancakes. I had to pass the vampire’s door to her room to get one of my larger pans out of the second pantry, and as I slid the giant skillet off from the top shelf, I couldn’t help but hear the loud steady squeaking of her mattress.

The noises would have been fine if they happened occasionally, but this sound would go on for several hours nearly every day. After a while my assumptions that the vampire was just really enjoying the company of the stranger she had met on the night of the insane party had changed. There is no humanly way possible that anyone could be going on like that almost twenty-four seven for weeks on end. The vampire and the stranger had to be incredibly fit little energizer bunnies, or something else was going on in that room all of the time.

Different men came in and out of our apartment as the noises continued to go on all of the time. The vampire and her male friends would occasionally come out for food, class sessions, and a shower every now and then, but they were mostly found making the noises in her room.

One morning after hearing the noises all night long, the vampire left her room alone with the door swinging open. There was no other person in or around her room. The window wasn’t open, and there was no one hiding in the closet (my other roommates and I checked). We were all confused. For about eight hours straight last night, she was by herself in her room making those loud noises, and we tried desperately to find an explanation.

We would watch her leave the room in the middle of the day immediately after we heard the noises stop and see no one else leaving behind her. It went on like that for the rest of the year, and none of my other roommates or I ever tried to ask her to stop or find out what she was doing in there by herself for hours on end.

Those last two quarters of living with a vampire were probably the oddest quarters that I ever had while living on campus at Cal Poly Pomona. I have never seen the vampire again since sharing a space with her in the University Village apartments, and I pray occasionally that I never do.

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