Shock Wave: Part 12- The Old Chevy Pickup


Catch up before you continue on with the story.

An attractive woman with short blonde hair wearing jeans and a white button up t-shirt that was two sizes too big sat before Sarah in a car.

“Ready?” The woman said to Sarah as she threw the old blue Chevy pickup truck into gear.

“Yes,” Sarah said.

The woman scrunched her tiny nose and let her bright sparkly blue eyes peek through behind her long lashes as she smiled at Sarah. “Okay, this is it then. There’s no turning back.”

There it was again, felt that feeling in the pit of your stomach that heated up your body with anguish. Sarah found herself leaving the incredible world of her subconscious as the flashes from some unknown past event left her nauseated and the rhythm of her heart beating faster. The past, however, couldn’t have come at a more inopportune time.

“Sarah. I need to know if you have been taking your medication,” her psychiatrist Dr. Aislinn said. “If you are not taking your medication then we will have to find other ways of helping you.”

Sarah wasn’t quite sure what that meant, but she knew at least that the “something else” wouldn’t actually help her at all. She was completely aware that something incredibly sinister was happening between her husband and her psychiatrist, but she just couldn’t remember what.

“I’m fine,” said Sarah. “I’m taking the medication. I just get a little panicky about this whole memory loss thing. I’m just concerned that nothing came back yet.”

“Well—I was hoping that this wasn’t the case, but there is a possibility that your memory may not come back Sarah. We were hoping that the medication would work, but we may now have to focus on you getting back out there and readjusting to your life.”

“Thank you so much for telling me this. It’s difficult, but I’m sure I can manage. How about we continue this in tomorrow’s meeting?”

“That’s wonderful to hear Sarah. Yes, we can continue discussing this tomorrow. I’ll call James to have him come pick you up right now.”

Sarah got up to shake Dr. Aislinn’s hand with a forced grin, “thanks again.” She found herself shaking with fear and confusion as she left the psychiatrist’s office and went outside to wait for James. A quick moment passed by before she realized she had few extra minutes before James would leave his office in town and come pick her up. She looked back through the window and she noticed that her psychiatrist was still on the phone. Sarah, ever so nonchalantly, walked back inside the building and unlocked one of the windows which led to the front waiting room before silently sliding outside again.

If the answers weren’t inside the house with her husband, then they had to be either at his office or with her psychiatrist somewhere.

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