The Reward of Giving Back


As published on Miss Millennia Magazine.

Why is it important to give back to the community? There are some people that walk around aimlessly chasing material things. They find everything that they are looking for, nothing of what they need. We connect with each other when share what’s in our minds, spread what’s in our hearts, and give what’s rooted deep down in our souls. On some level we have this deep urge to help one another and find a common place within each one of us, and we can do this every day by giving back what was shared with us.


“To the wrongs that need resistance, To the right that needs assistance, To the future in the distance, Give yourselves.” –Carrie Chapman Catt


Finding something or someone in the community to help give you a deeper sense of belonging to that group or community compared to anything else that you can do in your hometown. When you find that special need and fill it with something that is close to your own heart, you receive a reward far greater than any monetary or material thing out there.


“Charity activities are the force which gives our life meaning.” –Mazhar El Shorbagi


There is something about giving back to a community that gives us a feeling of purpose and place in the world. It’s fantastic to know that what you will be leaving behind in this life will not be forgotten or fade away. You can’t take material things with you into the next life, but you can take the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction with you as you leave a legacy filled with love and care. Your life in this world becomes something bigger than how much money you made, or how many cars you ended up with while you’re lying on your death bed. Charity gives you something greater than wealth.


“If you have much, give of your wealth; if you have little, give of your heart.” –Arabic Proverb


Walking out of a store and handing a dollar to a homeless person means nothing if you bump into him a week later and treat him like dirt when he accidentally gets in your way while crossing the road. Money and material things are, of course, necessary for survival, but they only go so far. Donating your talents, sharing your time, and showing your kindness lasts longer than a couple of dollars in a red tin bucket at Christmas time. Giving your heart to the world only creates a better life for everyone on Earth. You are not just giving when you share your heart with the community. You are also receiving a reward unequivocal to nearly any other material thing on Earth.

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