An Exchange of Power: A Letter from the Former Editor

JasmineDLoweAs Posted on Uloop News.

Eleven months ago I answered my phone on speaker while barreling down the busy 405 freeway, on my way to one of my internships at the time, during heavy rush hour morning traffic. I had the most disastrously successful interview  for the campus editor position at Uloop News and had gotten the job. Now, eleven months later, I have learned what it really takes to manage and lead a group of intelligent individuals in order to achieve a common goal of starting a conversation with our readers and reporting the news, and I’m passing along the torch of editorial power to one of the students who used to write for me.

To go from editor and graduating senior to a student again at a new campus tackling a whole other animal, which many call graduate school, is pretty intense. I simultaneously feel as though I have accomplished an impeccably high hurdle and that I’m starting all over at the bottom again. I’ve loved my position as campus editor and being involved with a student driven national organization, and relinquishing the hold I held for eleven months eerily resembles emotions felt after one finishes reading a novel or watches the series finale of a favorite television show. Although it feels as though I have woken up post-surgery with one of my limbs cleanly amputated, I wholeheartedly welcome the exchange of power from my possession on to my predecessor, Andrea Montoya.

I will miss the editing sessions, the interactions as the leader of a magnificent team of writers and working with fellow editors, who I now consider friends, and school faculty in order to hire and manage students working for Uloop. And although my time is done and the accounts and passwords have been handed over I will always have a connection to not only the Cal Poly Pomona campus, including the students, staff and faculty still there at the institution, but also a connection to Uloop and all of the writers, editors, managers and coordinators still working hard to put together this amazing site.

-Jasmine D. Lowe

9 thoughts on “An Exchange of Power: A Letter from the Former Editor

  1. Thank you for sharing this personal side of your experience. My younger son is finishing his year as the opinion page editor for his college paper while training to be the managing editor for next year. It is hard to get a sense of his feelings about his day-to-day responsibilities, but your comments help me relate.


  2. The bitter sweet of ending’s and beginnings~Life revolves around these.
    I enjoy reading your posts and look forward to them.


  3. I just realized that once this reply passes the screener below that my picture will appear as a digitized face, circa 1982. One of my regrets at college was not getting involved in the school newspaper and this reminded me how far I’ve come since then. One of the perks of the blog challenge is to read stuff from so many different people–a peek into their imaginations if you will. Have a great week. Terry


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