Shock Wave: Part 21- The Discovery


Catch up before you continue on with the story.

The blue truck from her fleeting memories was staring back at her, and with no one near in sight, she backed away from the dusty window and around the side of the wooden structure to the door. Luckily it was left unlocked so Sarah just walked in to the broken down structure. It had to have sat dusty and untouched for quite a while because when she slid her finger across the hood of the vehicle it left a brighter and more vibrant blue underneath the now disturbed layer of filth. It didn’t make sense as to why anything would be hiding out here in the middle of the forest like this until another wave of a forgotten time rushed over her.

Sarah made her way around the truck while picturing the blonde-haired blue-eyed girl and herself driving along that country road. She glanced over to the back of the shed and noticed that there were a series of file cabinets lined up along the wall and so she went for the far right file cabinet that was sitting in the corner. Sarah walked over and opened the cabinet drawers finding stacks of paper pushed into piles of folders. She looked around for her name skimming through the alphabetized system of surnames. She moved over a couple of cabinets to the one labeled “L-P” on it but couldn’t find the file marked “Liera, Sarah.”

She then moved to the far left cabinet with the “A-E” label and searched for the name “Sarah instead. She found a file marked “Abuto, Sarah.” Inside was a picture of herself with shorter hair paper clipped onto the first page of papers. She looked incredibly sad, but it wasn’t until she read the file that she knew why.

Abuto, Sarah

Patient number 00005849578

Test Start Date, 5 June, 1949


The patient’s behavior appears to be significantly affected by external triggers. The patient exhibits confusion and other Psychopathia Sexualis behaviors toward a particular woman. The patient has been subjected to shock therapy after inflicting the patient with damage to the medial temporal lobe to induce amnesia, so as to allow the patient to acquire perceptual and motor skills, conditioned responses, and to demonstrate priming, and then replace the confused behaviors previous to the amnesia with new learned behaviors. Initial research has hypothesized that the amnesic patient will not become familiar with the original feelings the patient mentions they have claimed to have experienced and will turn her attention toward finding a male partner.

The patient has been kept away from a patient admitted in the same test trial, Deirdre “Kimi” Vida, patient number 005849577, one of the external triggers, in the hopes that the patient will relearn the appropriate behavior for a young woman. Two different staged accidents have placed the two women’s first memories after the induced amnesia to them waking up in the woods on their own to create a clean slate.

Psychologist Dr. Jacob Aislinn and neurologist Dr. James Liera have monitored the patient and have submitted their findings to fellow researchers, Dr. Darnell Bian, psychologist, and neurologist Dr. Clarke Hall who are monitoring patient number 005849577 in the next town over…

Sarah looked down at the stack of reports breathlessly and tried to comprehend her discovery. She had been ripped away from the love of her life and forced to forget about her in a series of torturous tests.

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