Shock Wave: Part 22- Lives Depend on Knowing

5878708726_a07c948556_z Catch up before you continue on with the story.

Sarah’s life had changed in an instant and there was nothing anyone could do to reverse it back to the way she was living previously to this event. She had hard evidence suggesting that she was someone else and confirming her suspicions about her psychiatrist and “husband.” There was now only one mission and nothing else and it as obvious of where she was going and what she was trying to do.

Sarah closed her file and then turned back to the row of cabinets in the back of the shed to try and find Kimi’s information. She went to the drawer labeled “W-Z” and swiftly sifted through folders of filled with patient records. She stopped when she found “Vida, Deirdre” and yanked it out of the drawer as if she had spotted a piece of gold in a miner’s pan. She got up walked to the shed’s door half jogging so she can begin her mission and never looked back.

She found herself moving quickly through the forest. No one knew she wasn’t home at the moment so she used her bought time to get out of site and over to the next town where Kimi was. If Kimi’s situation was anything like her own, Sarah could grab her and leave town in the blue truck before anyone noticed. Sarah moved faster through the woods than she could ever remember herself moving before. Every step was a race against time to find her love and every leap over raised tree roots and shrubbery was a chance to take back her life.

Sarah knew that it was a straight shot to Kimi, but she just hoped that no one was in the house with her and that Kimi would recognize her or trust her enough to come with her. It would be too complicated if Kimi wasn’t somewhat aware of what was going on and, really, their lives both depended on her knowing.

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