Shock Wave: Part 25- The End


Catch up before you continue on with the story.

“That’s it,” Cindy said looking out at the tall Oregon trees stretching out in front of us along the road.

“Wait what?”

“That’s the story.”

“You must be joking,” I said. “Did they at least get away?”

“They did.”

“How, what happened?”

“That’s what we’re going to find out next,” Cindy said. “I’m taking you to them so we can find out, and then I can tell you my story and how I’m involved.”

“This story is getting longer and longer and I don’t appreciate it.”

“There,” Cindy pointed toward a house off of the narrow road that we had been traveling on after we let the five for a while. “Turn in here and let’s go in.”

I had to admit that I was a little nervous about meeting the ladies that had starred in the story I had been listening to for the past couple of days. Their lives became the focus of my curiosity and obsession, and it was a bit surreal to be finally meeting up with them after the long journey this hitchhiker I had picked up and I had.

We turned in to a long driveway and up past the thick trees to where the old wooden house sat. Cindy swiftly unbuckled her seatbelt as I pulled the car to a stop and we continued to make our way out of the car and up to the door. Cindy knocked excitedly at first, and then realizing her enthusiasm knocked a little lighter. I too had felt the anticipation mounting as we waited at the front door.

“I’ll get it hun!” A voice shouted from inside the house. The door slowly opened and revealed a very old lady with hair as white as cotton but eyes as blue as the ocean standing at the door. I looked at the woman that had to be in her upper nineties. She had wrinkles everywhere and could barely stand.


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