Our Obsession with the Media


As Published by Miss Millennia Magazine

Picture this. A random person who you don’t know breaks into your house because you left the door open and they started watching your every move. They spend months on end reading your mail, watching you do mundane tasks and they somehow feel as though you both are best friends. You would call the cops right? Well this type of behavior is actually encouraged as long as the crazy stalker is sitting behind a screen.

Last week my sister, Natasha, walked into my room and poured her heart out about a show Grace Helbig spoke about on YouTube. Have you ever had a conversation with someone who where you never spoke a word to them? Well that’s what happened when my sister just popped up into my room. For a full fifteen minutes I sat there in front of her as I began to type this article, and she was so excited to share all of her unnecessary information with someone who couldn’t care less about these random kids online.

bling ring
The Bling Ring is another reason why being obsessed with fame isn’t always okay.

I sometimes find myself watching trashy T.V. every now and then, but sometimes I just find it weird that a lot of people are following these reality personalities and movie stars every move on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. It’s like somehow along the way, a large group of people, especially those in popular fandoms, have crossed that line of perception that related these famous, or semi-famous people, as separate entities outside of categorization of actual people.

I’ve never been the one to jump into a celebrity’s trashcan for souvenirs, but I do try my best to see these people for what they really are—people. Imagining that famous people who you never met are your best friends is probably not the healthiest way to go about living, and thinking that these people live without faults and don’t do things like eat and poop is a no-no.

If television and social media is taking over your life, I advise you to take a step back from it all and limit your interaction with your electronic devices. I know being obsessed with reality T.V. and television isn’t as damaging in the long run as hard drugs and booze, but just imagine how many more productive things you could get done or how many cool adventures you could have if you just put down your gaming device, your computer, your remote and your phone. You don’t want to look back on life years from now and only remember staring at a screen.

One thought on “Our Obsession with the Media

  1. It is not weird to want to be friends with people you see all the time. It’s not that you think you are in a relationship with these people. You just see them all the time and you get to know them on a different level without them acting like another character, so it makes them seem guinuine and approachable (Jennifer Lawrence) so you can’t help but want to hang out with these people. It’s normal don’t judge people who like reality shows. Everybody watch summerbreak on YouTube it’s so addicting.


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