“D” is for Distance


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Sometimes I feel as though the miles placed between people are part of a test. I often say to myself, if we can still be close, despite time and space separating us, then you become someone even closer to me than ever before. I didn’t want to believe it at first, but all the friends you have in high school, and the people you carry on with after college dwindle down in numbers. Only the strongest of the friendships survive the distance that naturally sneaks up on us as time grows.

They say couples in long distance relationships have to try harder than the couples who live closer together. They may not have picked up the phone any more than regular couples who live closer together, but their ability to communicate with each other is greater than most, because they make those times over the phone really count, and I also believe the same thing goes with long distance friendships.

stars in spaceI’m usually pretty terrible when it comes to picking up the phone to call people. I’m sure there have been times where people just assumed I was dead, because they haven’t heard from me in months, and then relax when they see a Facebook status update or an Instagram picture. However, the friends I feel closer to end up making it their second job to contact me and keep in touch.

For those friends who are really worth it, I’ll jump in my car and come visit whenever I can, and I’m always there to pick up the phone, whatever time of day, when they really need someone to talk to. That distance becomes that defining obstacle that proves a solid friendship in my eyes and, in a way, I feel even more at ease about possibly venturing around the world and meeting new people from foreign places. If it will last then it will last. You will always find a way to see or talk to that person you care about.

Love knows not distance; it hath no continent; its eyes are for the stars. -Gilbert Parker

9 thoughts on ““D” is for Distance

  1. Keeping in touch is always a great thing. Just like so many aspects of life, your reputation can cover a lot of shortcomings or mask your good deeds. In high school, I was one of two primary “organizers.” Once I got to college (before cell phones, now) my family home was sold. I knew that if I didn’t reach out, my friends may not know how or where to find me. I didn’t worry about being the one who “always reached out.” When my friends settled down, I befriended their wives. These days I think I do a lousy job of keeping up, and Facebook reminds to send birthday notes. Yet my friends (and their wives) still think I NEVER forget to send a card, when I rarely do anymore. My good reputation carries me still!


  2. I fall pray to this as well. I often think that my only friend is my girlfriend, ’cause she’s the only one who I actually see on a regular basis. I have a friend from high school who always makes it a point to come visit me at work. I’m not sure if it’s because I buy him sandwiches but it’s still nice to see him and hear about our other friends that he’s visited. I want to be more like him.


    1. I think as long as we have at least one good friend that we make it a point to meet up with then we’re doing well. I feel that just keeping on touch with a few people is enough, at least for me, in order to be satisfied.


  3. Thought-provoking piece, Jasmine. I think and write a lot about friends and friendship. Friendship is one of my speaking topics. As we get older, we have to work more at cultivating and maintaining friendships. It’s not as easy as when we were kids. People are busy and often set in their ways so they are not out looking for friends.

    My friends are important in my life, and I try to make it a point to touch base with them as often as possible. Thanks for the reminder.



  4. Love the quote btw. Personally, I’m terrible at keeping in touch…I’m forgetful…then I worry I’ve left it too long…so wait longer…then it really is too long….or seems it…so I put it off….lol! While I’m giving coffee another go (yeah right), maybe I should be e-mailing some old acquaintances?


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