“Z” is for Zeal

Z Writers of Kern Blogging Challenge (A-Z)

Thomas Fuller said, “Zeal without knowledge is fire without light.” It implies that anyone pursuing something with zeal and enthusiasm, but not with the requisite knowledge, is likely to be unsuccessful. It’s a great thing to be passionate and eager to fight and for something you believe in, but it will often fall flat is there was no prior research and study about the subject.

I love to hear about people who love learning whether it’s in their everyday lives or in the classroom. I enjoy the company of those who explore new ideas and learn about interesting concepts from watching documentaries or television shows, reading magazines or books, listening to audio podcasts, radio, or what have you, and then enjoy having discussion about later. However, I find it difficult to have discussion with people who are a little more closed off to opening their mind and learning about new things.

glasses and favorite booksA huge part of moving forward and progression is introducing new ideas, solving problems and constantly learning about new things, and learning is all about reaching out of your comfort zone, opening your mind and asking questions.

Over time I have learned that people acquire new information in a variety of ways and at different paces, and sometimes you need to come up with different approaches for some people to understand certain things. However, it’s important to inspire passion and zeal in those people to open up to learning about new things and obtaining knowledge.

And as I read Fuller’s quote, “Zeal without knowledge is fire without light,” again I notice it’s impossible to separate light from fire and have fire be what it is. Most people like to want to learn about something in order to actually retain the information and learn. People love television when they watch the show, they want to show up to class that they find interesting and people enjoy reading when they like the book. I believe zeal and knowledge are pretty inseparable if you are looking at them correctly, but what about you? What do you think about Thomas Fuller’s quote?

6 thoughts on ““Z” is for Zeal

  1. How do you inspire someone who doesn’t want to learn new ideas and is so closed off that every ideas that is not theirs is incorrect?


    1. Kindly, without ganging up on that person, have a conversation with them introducing them to new views. Sometimes people take years to learn or open their minds. It really does take time.


      1. Occasionally, I’ve recommended reading material to folks. Nothing heavy-handed, but an “introduction” to the new idea. But, I think a major point is that you have to have a relationship with that person based on mutual respect. Therefore, you are right on with your ideas of a conversation and that it takes time for folks to open up. xoA


  2. “Zeal without knowledge is fire without light.” But what about the zeal that leads one to knowledge, that spurs one on to investigate, to listen, to learn. Because there is zeal, knowledge follows. This is what I found in many junior high students whom I taught. They had an interest in or passion for something. We used that passion, that zeal, to discover more about the subject AND to develop their research/learning skills. Thus, there was a purpose in practicing the skills they were learning.

    Thanks for this thoughtful subject, Jasmine. xoA


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