Church in Nature

IG | jasminedlowe
IG | jasminedlowe

She turned to me and asked why anyone would want to wander out into the middle of the woods when they could be safe at home? What was the point of being so obsessed with nature? I told her that there are those who feel more connected to the universe in nature.

Sitting down on a rock bed and letting their toes gently slip into the rushing waters of a cool freshwater stream is a step closer to heaven. For them, God speaks and lends advice to whoever listens to the roaring of powerful waterfalls at the edge of the woods. Ancestral spirits become the winds that fly freely through the leaves of trees, and they declare their presence only by the rustling of the foliage.

Life is given meaning every time the salty waves of the endless sea fall in to kiss the tiny warm pebbles in the sand, and one is reminded of their place in the world as they gaze upon the mighty towering heights of the snow-capped mountains.

Nature Series 40

There are people out there who don’t mind wandering the paths where other plants and animals have lived and breathed the crisp fresh air that one also consumes to trek forward. The cacti in the dessert, and the flowers that bloom years after molten lava and scorching hot brush fires have left havoc in their wake, show the resilience of the earth.

These people are able to let go of their problems, find peace in the middle of nowhere, and set their church in nature.

3 thoughts on “Church in Nature

      1. You can buy your hair if it won’t growww….. oh wait, wrong song.
        Hey! I loved this! Finally catching up on some of your blogs, I feel this way by the way. Church would be a lot more fun if we could all dance in the rain and spread our toes in the grass.


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