If You Felt No Pain and Were Indestructible

Writing Prompt 1
Via writingprompt.tumblr.com

If you got one whole day where you were both unable to feel any pain and totally indestructible, what would you do with that 24-hour time period? –writingprompts.tumblr.com

I’m fairly sure no person has dove into an active volcano and lived to tell the tale of how red-hot magma slowly swirled around their body. No one has swum to the deepest and darkest waters to greet the strange creatures that lurk there. Snowboarding down Mount Everest or Mauna Kea would be interesting after climbing their tall peaks, but not as interesting as twirling around in space for hours without a spacesuit.

A nobler option would be becoming a superhero for a day. One could save people in dangerous situations, try to end all ongoing wars and to initiate plans for world peace. Wildfires could easily be snuffed out, radioactive and toxic waste could be cleaned up with bare hands, and one could help document the eye of a tornado for meteorologists to further study.

A day where one was both unable to feel any pain and totally indestructible would have to be an impossible one, because anything that could be possibly done without these crucial exceptions will have to be squeezed in during the thousands of other days left to live.

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