How To “Veganize” Anything

Photo by Mike Knell via Flickr
Photo by Mike Knell via Flickr

Real meat can easily be replaced with an faux meats made from a variety of foods, and you can always fluff up dishes with seasoned vegetables like potatoes or cauliflower. There are vegan options for butter or margarine or you can use plain applesauce while baking.

Popular egg replacements include EnerG Egg Replacer, a half a mashed banana (per egg) in a recipe for baking, a quarter cup of canned pumpkin per egg, a quarter cup of applesauce per egg, and a cup or so of soy or almond milk to replace the whisked eggs.

Tofu can be used for dishes like a scramble or a quiche, and a quarter cup of silken tofu can be used for denser baked goods like brownies or cookies. Mixing one tablespoon of flaxmeal with three tablespoons of water until gelatinous can be used during baking as well as an egg substitute.

Milk, cheese and yogurt alternatives are available in a variety of foods and flavors as well which makes things so much easier than having to make your own from scratch. Most of all these vegan substitutes allow you to use more of your free time exploring new and interesting vegetarian recipes.

For more meal ideas, and veggie tips, check out my book, “The Beginners Guide to Becoming a Vegetarian,” on Amazon.

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