Adventuras en Espana #StudyAbroad

I walked a ways to the train station in Florence, took the train to Bologna, took a cab to the airport, to a plane with fellow study abroad students to Spain and then a bus to a hostel we all stayed at in Barcelona. We all, understandably, passed out on top of the thin sheets they gave us on our bunk beds.

My bunk at the hostel

We spent the next two days visiting famous sites such as La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, La Catedral de Barcelona, one of Barcelona’s amazing beaches. We tried Sangria from Spain and had tons of tapas. The weather was cool, the city was great and, to be honest, I kind of liked it more than Italy.


On the last day, however, we walked to a bus station, took the bus to the airport and found out that our flight was delayed because of the rain that started to pour down on top of us. We end up taking a bus to the train and missing our train only to hop the last one to Florence. Oh, did you know there was a 74 Euro fine for jumping the train without a ticket? It made me glad that I had purchased the Global Eurorail pass so that I wouldn’t get in trouble.

Park Guell

That night I walked a little in the rain, caved, and then took a cab to my apartment. I’ve never wanted to return to our old apartment with sucky WiFi so badly. Needless to say, the combination of the rain and some of the questionable accommodations at the hostel made everyone sick, including myself, although not as badly as everyone else. For now I’m just sipping green tea, hoping to get rid of my stuffy nose, and reminiscing on the remarkably fun trip that I took to Barcelona, Spain.


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