What Brings Us Together

Sweet P Loves DThe sun beamed down overhead as the cool ocean breeze lightly brushed away the summer heat. I had taken my ballet flats off and let my toes wiggle around in the warm sand. It would have all been enjoyable if I hadn’t been crouching down behind a long sand embankment in the attempt to hide from a friend that was about to get proposed to, but I’m forever glad that I was able to get stuck hiding in the fetal position on a beach in Santa Barbara with some new friends.

Being a part of the surprise proposal, which took place over the weekend, has been one of the most rewarding things that anyone has ever asked me to participate in. For one, I was trusted with a secret of not telling the future bride, and secondly, because they invited me to be a part of their special day.

Close friends and family of the newly engaged couple, from all over, traveled to celebrate. And somewhere in the process of hiding from the couple, and setting up for the beachside engagement party, all of the friends and family became closer and found themselves making new friends and family within the gathered group. It was a day filled with happiness and excitement, and all it took was surprise proposal on the beach.

A ToastAfter I spent the day in Santa Barbara I found myself traveling further north into the dairy-farming town where I grew up to visit my best friend. Her sister had just given birth to her firstborn child over the weekend, and so we ended up spending some time visiting the new, and very exhausted, parents.

I watched as my friend gazed lovingly into the infant’s eyes and kissed him on the forehead. Various members of the family came and went to visit the new life that was swaddled and sleeping in his mother’s arms. Friends and family of the couple also set aside time to come and visit the growing family. And what brought them together, just like the friends and family of the newly engaged couple, was the sharing of an important portion of their lives that meant such a great deal to all of those involved.

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