Stormageddon and Rainy Days

Winter Rain by Yen H Nguyen via Flickr
Winter Rain by Yen H Nguyen via Flickr

“They’re calling it ‘Stormageddon,’” she said while scrolling through her Twitter feed. “Oh dear, now people are thinking the drought is over.”

I laughed as she scrolled. I heard the rain over the phone where she was at in the Central Valley just as the rain began to fall over Southern California. It had just started raining in California, and there were already photos of cars crashed in ditches on the side of the road.

“Yeah, they’re calling it the storm of the decade in the Bay area,” I said. “They’re closing schools and everything.”

I could hear the rain picking up a bit outside my window. Cool water pooled in small puddles for the local kids to jump and run through. I watched as upset parents yelled from doorsteps at the children to get inside.

“Do you remember the last time it really rained like this a few years ago when we were on our way home for Thanksgiving break?”

“Yeah, I remember leaving the day before Thanksgiving and hydroplaning on a hidden body of water on the highway,” I chuckled a little. “I wasn’t the best driver.”

“It’s not too often that water falls out of the sky in California. All we know is sunshine.”

By now you could hear the cars sweeping through the streets of rainwater, splashing the street’s contents all about. I could see all of the umbrellas attached to rain boots gliding down the sidewalks from my fourth story window.

The rain brought back memories of other rainy days, and as the cool wet air began to fog up my window, the two of us sighed over the phone. My friend had stopped scrolling through her Twitter feed. “Traffic today is going to be a disaster isn’t it?”

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