Get Into The Discomfort Zone

Grad Pic 11Every day my boss forwards everyone in the office an email from his mentor, Michael Hyatt. I usually skim through whatever tips the virtual adviser lends to his audience, and then swiftly move it to another folder where I can unintentionally forget to read the email in its entirety. The other day my boss, however, added a note to his email asking for us to listen to the This Is Your Life podcast associated with Michael Hyatt’s post, as well as a thoughtful response.

Hyatt’s main point was for individuals to embrace uncomfortable situations. He goes on the say in his podcast that, “discomfort, when viewed correctly, is a sign we’re making progress.” Hyatt advises his listeners to acknowledge the value of this discomfort, lean in to the experience, notice your fear, not over thinking it, play it full out, celebrate the victory, and then pause to reflect the change.


I found a relevant quote the other day on Instagram which said, “You cannot become what we want by remaining what we are,” and I find it funny how it relates to this podcast. I think what the podcast really adds to the quote is the reassurance that, not only is change and discomfort often a good thing, but that “discomfort is a catalyst for growth.”

I then reflected upon my own life. In the wake of ending school, celebrating with my recent graduation, and then tackling the struggles of finding a new job, I’m definitely outside of my comfort zone, but I’m using this time to grow and discover more about myself.

In the past I felt as though there was no need for me to attend my own graduation. I felt that the ceremonies were expensive time sucks that I was forced into. It really felt as though the ceremony was for friends and family, however, this time around I felt a little differently about the whole thing.

Aside from a snafu from yours truly that nearly ruined the graduation ceremony, sitting in the front row with the small group of Masters candidates, all while wearing our Masters hoods, and holding our certificates of participation of the ceremony, felt like this time the ceremony was really for me.

My graduation became a day of reflection, celebration with friends, colleagues and family, and the embracing of extremely uncomfortable situations both of that day and for the days to come. And as I grow through the changes, I know that I will stumble upon more very uncomfortable situations that challenge me. This time, I hope to embrace them with the knowledge that it is not a road block, but an overcome-able obstacle that I will use to move forward toward the future.

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