The End Of A Journey (Part 1 of 2)

 We never used to be able to fully explain how the idea for a road trip to Oregon came about. When asked by a new friend why we would want to travel there, all we could muster at the moment was, “because it’s just there,” even though we knew it wasn’t quite true.

When thinking back on the first mentions of Oregon we knew the story sort of began a few years ago after a long lost love re-entered my best friend’s life just before exiting again one summer.

The trip started out as closure for my best friend and her childhood crush. It was a gratefully received, yet unsuccessful attempt at seeing what could have been if the two leading characters of my blog series resided in the same state. Oregon became a setting for an elaborate love story, a chance at bringing another mutual acquaintance into our tight-knit duo to form a trio of strong friendship, and a place for new adventures.

The trip we eventually embarked on evolved from a trip for long-distance lovers into a trip for two friends who were venturing further into adulthood. It would be the last trip before taking on new promotions, and other adult-like things such as worrying about starting to establish a retirement plan or looking for your own health insurance.

The trip to Oregon would be the final piece to the puzzle from the minds of two young girls, it would serve as the start of new adventures, and it would be the long-anticipated end of a journey called “Oregon Or Bust.”

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