A Writer's 21st Century Memoir.

The Week in Between

20507584_10213531837714353_6449662465477211912_oThe felt the harsh yellow light from the sun beating down on me as I sat high on top of a trotting Quarter Horse. A cool breeze brushed passed our faces as we gained a little speed. We rode along a path in between rows of crop and a ditch not too far away from my friend’s home. I found myself letting the reigns slip out a little from my hands in a loose grip after I gave a cue to the horse to slow to a walk. It was quiet and peaceful, and it gave me time to think about where I have been in life and where I was heading.

The trail riding came in the middle of a week I had planned to take in between my old job and my new one. I had walked out of the office for the last time after hugging co-workers and shaking hands while saying goodbye.

For the past two years, I had worked my way from the part-time student intern to the Public Relations Specialist who managed the majority of the organization’s communication. I had enjoyed all that I learned about working in the “real world” with a “grown up” job and saw the importance of working to better yourself in your career.

It was difficult to say goodbye to the team of people that I had grown with and who I have learned so much from, but I knew the next adventure needed to happen in order for me to keep learning and growing in my career.

I know that choosing the more challenging path won’t be easy. I’ll have to learn names all over again, figure out new routes I would travel to work, and build the trust of a team of people who have certain expectations of me. However, I know that these and other more experiences will only make me better at what I do.

I know that the comfortable and easy path may not always be the right one.

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  1. You got it, Jasmine! And you will keep growing beyond measure. Best of everything to you, my friend. xoA

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    August 11, 2017 at 7:12 PM

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