The Lofty To Do List

My best friend and I running a 5K together

“Jasmine, what the hell kind of to-do list is that?” My sister was looking at a list I had posted on my wall. “You know most people have lists like ‘do the laundry’ or something normally like that?”

I glanced at my unconventional list.

  • Run a marathon.
  • Write a book.

Those are the things listed under the “To-Do” section of the dry erase calendar that is hanging on my bedroom wall. I have often been known to set goals in life only to never actually start achieving them until I lit a fire under my butt. However, it was when I tricked myself into giving my goals actual deadlines that I at least made progress in working toward my goals.



Planning everything out carefully, establishing a measurable deadline, but giving myself a reasonable amount of time to complete the task and a schedule leading up to the deadline to complete the goal has been the only way I get things done. I notice that I thrive in organized chaos. I’ll throw myself into the lions’ den, but I’ll make a solid plan with backup options to ensure I find my way out alive and well. It also helps when you have friends to look to who are in similar situations.

Instagram | jasminedlowe

My lofty goals this year are to run a marathon and write a book. I don’t need to publish the book, and I don’t need to win the top place in the marathon and go on to qualify for Boston or the Olympics, but I want to break out of my current trend of procrastination and achieve these goals. I think if I tell enough people and give them a date for me to achieve something then I can starve off this craving to dally and I’ll finally get things done (Or that’s the plan with this blog post).


I’m attempting to set reachable deadlines, and I’m making the time each week to move towards these goals. I believe it also helps to have some friends and new acquaintances from running and writing groups help encourage me along the way.

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