The First Check I Received As An Author

A large white envelope sat at the back of my mailbox. I pulled it out along with some bills and junk mail. I thumbed through the pile of magazines, postcards, and decorative postage making sure that every parcel had been delivered to the correct metal box. However, when I got to the large white envelope with a bright yellow redirect sticker plastered on the front with my name on it, I could have sworn right there and then that the United States Postal Service delivered the envelope to the wrong person.

I looked at the envelope again. It had been addressed to me. It was from Amazon Digital Services and the presentation of the envelope prompted me to assume that there was something important inside. I opened up the envelope and looked at the contents with a face that seemed genuinely surprised. I had received my first check from the eBook that I had published online.

I had worked, prior to receiving this check, as a journalist and a magazine writer, but I had never received a check for writing a book. It was strange to think that there was (a very small) group of people out there that had actually given me money to read my writing. They didn’t know who I was, they hadn’t seen my name on some bestseller list, and yet they took a chance on a brief description and an excerpt and forked over money to read more of what I had written.

I thought to myself, maybe it was a mistake? Maybe Amazon had sent the check to the wrong person?

I never assumed that I would actually make any money from the book that I had published at the encouragement of a co-worker and friend but, perhaps, I should have had a little more confidence instead?

I walked back to my apartment looking at the check again. I kept thinking to myself, maybe one day I could receive another one of these for another book that I write in the future. Maybe it wasn’t so far fetched to have a number of people actually enjoy my writing.

2 thoughts on “The First Check I Received As An Author

  1. It’s a beautiful experience, isn’t it? That’s why people say don’t write for the money but write for passion. Then money will come to you 🙂

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