#OctPoWriMo: Oct 13th-15th

Pomona, agriculture apple apple tree

OctPoWriMo #13: Animals

A friend to horses, and a love of dogs;
A mom to cats, and a leader to hens.
I’ve watched you to take care of so many
whether they had two legs or four.
Your love of life extends to all
Your kindness radiates only love.
I’ve seen you save the life of the lost
And wonder how you still do more. 

OctPoWriMo #14: Pomona

You once resided
in the heart of the goddess
of fruitful abundance.
A house nestled
the thinning orchards
that bore life.
It was there
where you brought
all your animals
on a small piece of land.
And where your family
would leave
and one of your descendants
would come back to.

OctPoWriMo #15: Arizona

The hot desert sands
are where you once called home.
Without water or electricity,
you relied on the turning of the sun.
You dug a well
and watched the miracle
of water bubbling to life.
You battled venomous snakes,
toxic scorpions,
and the boiling ball of fire
in the sky.

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