#OctPoWriMo: Oct 29-31

cold delicious iced tea drink

OctPoWriMo #29: Laugh Lines 

Hills and valleys converge  
and take shape along  
the soft silky brown texture  
of your landscape. 
It is with these features  
that you reveal your wisdom  
like the natural and carefully  
designed rings of a tree. 

I see evidence of the joy  
you shared for decades  
painted on your face  
and catch your infectious laughter. 
You, and your laugh lines,  
are a beautiful example  
of the gradual and graceful  
progression towards sapience. 

OctPoWriMo #30: Sweet Tea 

A cool and soothing glass of heaven  
sloshing in a tall glass cup. 
You tell me that where you’re from  
a pitcher full of this on a porch  
was all anyone needed. 
It was a link to the past,  
a connection to the future,  
and it quenched  
wandering mid-day thoughts. 
It was medicine,  
and it was a form of entertainment  
getting together  
and squeezing the fruits of our labor in  
with our boiled brew. 

OctPoWriMo #31: Rich 

You were never the type of grandmother  
who would give us expensive presents. 
Your house was modest in size,  
but your heart was more than enough. 
You may not have always had a lot of money,  
but you were richer than the Rockefeller’s  
when it came love, not wealth or fame. 
No six-figures, not fancy cars, 
No mounds of gold antiques. 
I was taught invaluable knowledge,  
and I learned about from your  
exponential spreading of kindness. 
You never traded stock or bonds,  
but you invested your life to loving all people.

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