The Unused Mug

writer's mug

I refuse to use the grey mug sitting in the corner of the room. I glance over in its direction and watch it staring at me with its handle pompously held out and elevated to resemble a dramatic stance from a person who has their hand on their hip. At first, I felt as though the very existence of this particular mug sitting on a ledge in my room was an attempt to mock my efforts to achieve set goals, but I am beginning to see the mug as a visual reminder and tangible motivator outside of completing my intended task of writing a book. I do not want to use my National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) mug until I finish writing the rest of my novel.

It was around the time I hit a little more than three-fifths of my goal for the number of words needed to complete the thirty day-writing of the challenge when I realized that my timed deadline would not be made. I was sitting days away from the end of the month with a multitude of projects and presentations on hand following a major holiday. Although it’s no excuse, I didn’t want to rush and stay up all night just to finish the task.

Now that I’m a few pages away from my 50,000-word count, nearly halfway through the next month, I look at the mug with less disdain and more of a subtly increasing sense of enthusiasm. I am driven to finish my story because it needs to be told. However, the thought of sipping hot coffee in the motivational mug without the guilt of an unfinished project is enticing.

For now, the mug remains unused. The task remains undone, but I have faith in my ability to pick up the pen and just start writing until I’m done. Like the mug, the NaNoWriMo writing challenge was the push to dive in and get going on a project that once seemed dauntingly impossible. I know I will pour my scalding beverages into the unused mug sometime soon.

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