Sonya Moves In

Photo of a pile of moving boxes


It’s been about a month since I moved into this apartment with my new roommate. I believe my roommate was really nervous at first, but she seems to be transitioning well. We both had to get used to some new things, but we have been doing our best to adjust. There’s a bit of a learning curve for both of us. I have never lived as the only human resident in a household before, and Sonya is just trying her best to figure out what is going on with life in general.

Readjusting how you live and understanding new roommates can seem as though you are about to reach the summit of an impossibly large mountain. The climb, although treacherous and long, allows for progress to be made. You can witness the path growing behind the strides you make to reach the top. It’s tough to do, but it is not impossible.

I believe that the cat wandering around my house attempting to open the doors and cabinets, but not the pet door understands this. She listens, for the most part, and does her best to try new things. Sonya and I are getting used to the idea of being roommates. She knows that the apartment is not just my home, but that it is her home too.  She rests easier now knowing that we both care about each other’s well-being and that we will both be okay. 

Now that we are both unpacked and everything is in its place, I am excited about all the new adventures that will happen. I foresee new challenges to conquer, new experiences to occur, and both old and new friends stopping by in the near future to visit. We may have had a bit of a stressful start, but Sonya and I are adapting to this new life.


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