Sun Drunk

jasminedowe hiking in Hollywood
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I’ve always marveled at the beauty of a California sunset, and I would cherish the times when I stayed up all night but got to witness the sunrise. I think our timely movement through space and around the star is one of the most beautiful things in the universe. It’s a small feat compared to all the supernovas, fleeing asteroids, and rogue black holes, but to me, in my world, it’s a daily reminder that we are alive and that we have survived another day of spinning and orbiting through space.

I wanted to write a poem about my love for the sun even though summer calls for a much more intense presence. I still stand transfixed by the view and wanted to write down my unorganized thoughts and share them with you.




Sun Drunk

By Jasmine Lowe

I look off into the horizon
while sailing swiftly along
one of California’s busy highways,
and I become transfixed
by a golden bath of waning sunlight.
As the sun begins to fall,
everything that sits beneath it
is blanketed in a warm and magical glow.

The ordinary becomes beautiful,
and the surrounding landscape is highlighted
as the crowning jewels of the painted sky.
Although my eyes strain from the intensity
of the power of the nearest celestial star
they occasionally widen in awe
at the dazzling light show presented
for me to watch as I continue my drive ahead.

I am drunk off of the gilded rays
that pierce through the oncoming darkness,
and I am lost in the stunning scene
that changes with every minute moving forward.
The sun, our life-giving sphere of constant fire burning for all to see
does more than illuminate the vacuum in the heavens.
I watch as the faceless god paints with aurous luminescence
and I sit spellbound by nature’s dazzling torch.



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