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  • The world feels as though it has gotten flipped upside down for all of us. However, learning how to bend and maneuver through these seemingly impossible obstacles together right now can keep us moving forward. We may not be able to reach out and touch loved ones right now, but there are so many other […]
  • Today concludes my first week at my new job, and I have to hand it to my new coworkers for somehow managing to flawlessly orientate someone into their office while remaining calm during an influx of news barraged at them about COVID-19.
  • To say the desert is absolutely gorgeous is an understatement. I’ve happily gotten up before the sunrise to stare out at a ridge of mountains only to lose my mind to childlike wonder. You feel small when you rest your eyes upon it all, but also free.
  • My life makes sense when you look at it in Leap Years. It’s more confusing to look at my life when you look at every year in between. It’s as if I’ve only ever hit the correct axis of time if you scrunched up the detailed map of my journey to get here—the day before […]
  • The best thing about traveling and staying in hostels is meeting interesting people. This is also the worst thing, but it’s not so bad when you realize that the majority of the people who are there chose to stay in one because they wanted to connect with other people. It’s also not so bad if […]
  • Think about what happens after you throw something away or even say “hello” to someone. The implications of what’s to follow are what you keep in mind before you act. Use that way of thinking as your guide.
  • Sometimes, I’ll get questions about whether people who identify as men can join the hikes that I lead for the Los Angeles chapter of the women’s group, Hiker Babes and I have to pause for a moment.
  • I bought an expensive pack of tissues with acid-trip-looking cartoons on them and a packet of cough drops that made my mouth smell like what I assume the Fizzy Lifting drinks’ room in Willy Wonky’s OSHA-nightmare of a factory smells like.
  • I’ve been sick for a week since visiting the Gulf of Mexico, but it was totally worth the other experiences I gained from the trip.
  • Who actually cares about environmentalism and, for those who do, how can encourage environmental activism?