How To Properly Travel To The Future

What makes us grow? As we do, in time we grow and change into recognizably different people. I thought about this as I looked at the date on my phone. I thought about how we have reached December of 2019, and how we are heading into the next decade of this new millennium. I couldn’t really pinpoint it, at first, what has changed about me in the last decade until I thought about it in terms of a particular cat. 

The cat taking up residence in my apartment is no longer that slightly mangy looking kitten my sister and old roommate found wandering the streets of Bakersfield. She’s now a slightly curvy adult cat with bowel issues and an expensive cat food diet. In many ways, she has developed this occasionally kind yet neurotic personality that leaves me wondering why, with her (I’m not kidding) overdramatic eye roll she gives me whenever I sing, she wasn’t born a human being. It took lots of time for her to even kind of like me or to become this strange domestic long-haired cat who loves playing fetch with hair ties. She has solidified her place in the world with her presence and personality, but this changed over the years and it continues to change as the clock hands tick forward. 

So, I tried to think of every year in the past decade; how they began, and what happened during each month until the end. So many things had happened over the past ten years, although, I somehow look exactly the same as I did in 2009  apart from upgrading my style a bit. The people I met, the places I have traveled to, and the things I have experienced have helped mold me into this confidently nervous and very stubborn nature-loving writer. 

So, as we go into the new year of this new decade I hope you keep in mind that even all the money and power in the world can’t (yet, I don’t know) stop time. You will without a doubt change. Everything does but, what you can do is make sure you are paying attention to what you have done, be mindful of who you are now, and use that to guide you into the ever-changing future. 

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