What You Should Know Before Hiking Peaks In The Snow

California was graced with heavy wind and pouring rain this winter season. As a result, higher elevations were blanketed in white powdery snow that made many local hikes ripe for a beautiful snow day. The landscape went from dried rocky terrain to a muddy and slippery hazard before becoming a picture-perfect winter wonderland. However, the snow at some of the higher peaks also drew both experienced and inexperienced hikers who have gotten lost in the wilderness and have yet to be found. Despite knowing this, more hikers are still planning to make the trip up to California’s highest peaks at the most dangerous time of the year.

Outside Magazine recently published an article titled “What Makes Mount Baldy So Dangerous.” The author tackles the question of why people keep running into trouble on the highest peak in Los Angeles County. During the best weather on Mount Baldy, there are still reports of hikers getting lost or killed in accidents, and the recent winter snow only makes traversing the mountain more difficult. 

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