Oregon Or Bust (Part 3)

The unthinkable happened, and through the magic of the social media website, Facebook, my best friend from Elementary school and her first love were reunited.

They took turns catching up and eventually ended up exchanging cell phone numbers so they could text each other. About a month filled with the trading of fun stories and some flirty text messages went by before my best friend’s childhood lover told her that he was planning on visiting some family in California.

Miles away I could sense my friend’s eyes light up as she explained to me over the phone that her first love was returning to our hometown. I couldn’t help but think that this was destiny and that some sort of mysterious cosmic force was at work trying to reunite these two individuals again.

The time that brought together these two long lost lovers eventually came and went, but the effect from the meeting left a lasting impression on both of them.

My best friend told me that she had felt safe in the sturdy arms of this man’s embrace. She couldn’t help but let out a warm smile when all of their shared childhood memories came flooding back into her mind. It was incredibly obvious that they possessed mutual feelings of deep attraction between them.

He was the light of her dawn but he also, unfortunately, had to return to his life in Oregon as a firefighter while she was left to return to her life in the country as a vet-tech.

My friend ended up calling me a few weeks after the sad departure to tell me about a dream she had.

“I was standing in an amusement park on a cold and gloomy day, and out of the corner of my eye I saw him,” my friend had told me. “All of the sudden light burst out from behind the clouds and the sun emerged. Jasmine, I had forgotten everything else that was going on in the dream and I rushed over to him and leapt into his arms.”

“Wow—that sounds pretty epic.”

“It was such a wonderful dream. His voice, his smile and his loving embrace was exactly as it was when he came and visited me. I wish we weren’t so far away right now. It all seems kind of unfai…”

“Let’s go to Oregon,” I muttered completely cutting her off in response.


“We should go to Oregon instead of you, the other two girls, and me going to the beach and camping this summer. We can turn it into a road trip and visit him along the way.”

“Umm, really?”

At this point in the conversation I figured she thought that I was going crazy, but I couldn’t blame her for thinking so. I actually kind of believed that I was going crazy too.

To read the journey from the beginning click here.

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