“There Once Was A Girl”

There once was a girl who walked the path everyday through the evergreen woods. She wore her hair in a wavy mess that grazed the top curvature of her breast ever so lightly. On that cool fall morning, with the fog still hovering over the horizon, the young girl continued her habitual migration into the brush.

As she walked she let her white dress flow behind her. It gently tickled the top of her knees as she swiftly moved into the forest, and it gave her smooth dark olive skin an even silkier look.

The barefooted procession into the newly born dawn was halted abruptly by a melodic sound in coming from the deep folds of the forest. She stood very still as she tried to listen to the hauntingly beautiful sound.

A song so sweetly upbeat sounded as if it was yearning for the girl to come and touch it. The girl slowly picked up on the journey that she left off at and directed her destination on this wonderful tune.

The song played faster as the girl drew deeper into the darkening woods. She was entranced by the way the stringed instrument was being strung and wondered, what soul could play such notes in this way?

She grew closer to the sound and further picked up her pace through the woods. Now running she could hear the rhythmic pattern of her feet stomping in time of the beat of the music. She was compelled to go on.

Then she suddenly stopped. The melody was gone and the mystery, still unsolved, left her lost in the woods still surrounded by the morning fog.

(Inspired by this song)

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