The Last Judgement Series: Part 4- Past His Reflection

He used to peer inside his pocket mirror past his reflection and at his door’s manifestation in the corner. Frank often wondered if he could pass the barrier that separated himself from the parallel universe beyond this looking glass. He knew that beyond the door in the world that he lived in was the rest of his small apartment at the time, but he pondered the possibility of something far greater behind the mirrored door just past his own likeness in the reflection.

And now he finally knows.

Frank had stumbled out of his hospital bed completely confused about his situation. Some small child dressed in black who had claimed to be the Angel of Death had told him that he was dead and that he was never coming back. She had led him back to his house to show the extreme amount of damage done by the raging fire to his house, but for some reason, he could let go of his life.

Frank called his daughter to disprove the grim news that he received from the Reaper, but was only able to confirm that his body was heading to the local cemetery.

I’m really dead, he thought to himself. I can no longer go home and relax after work, or see my children when they do find the time to stop by. He knew his life wasn’t some fairy tale, but being thankful for what he did have came easier when it was all taken away from him, and to make it worse, the Angel of Death was dragging him along on her almost demonic mafia hits.

Frank also realized that the Angel of Death was right though. He was stuck in some ghostly realm on earth for a specific reason. And it was a reason great enough that it wouldn’t let him on into the afterlife. Something was tying him down. But what is it? He thought to himself.

He pondered a moment for an answer.

Maybe I need to find out more about how I died? Was it really an accident? I mean I was smoking before the fire started. Or maybe there is something that I have to do before I go on?

Frank ran down a list of people and things that he wanted to do when he was alive in his head. Maybe I should try apologizing to people I have wronged.

It was only a moment later when the Angel of Death appeared with her book in all of her dark glory. “Are you ready to tackle that list of people then?”

Frank just nodded in response.

The Angel of Death revealed a small smirk on her deathly pale face. “Good. I know just who you think we should visit first.”

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