The Last Judgement Series: Part 9- A Second Chance

Frank had read the diary over the shoulder of his daughter and had seen the distraught and helplessly sad look in her eye when she read the last sentence.

I wonder if this cigarette could be the thing that lets me leave this place…

The Angel of Death doesn’t kill anyone; she has just been guiding people to their final destination. But what made Frank so special that she found the time took make him realize that life is precious and that he should have never taken his own? He thought to himself, wasn’t it already too late for him?

“I have great news to tell you.”

“What?” Frank asked.

“Right now you’re not dead.”

“Um, I’m pretty sure I  my body’s go in the ground.”

“No. What if I told you that you were in a coma, and that the fire did burn you, but that you were alive?”

“I-I-don’t know what I would say.”

“What if I gave you a second chance Frank? Would you want to go back?” The Angel of Death looked at Frank and waited patiently for the answer that she wanted to hear.

“I would say that I want to wake up—but—how badly burned am I?”

“Your face was untouched, but your torso looks terrible. Your heart was hanging on by a thread and the physical and mental therapy will be intense.” She moved closer to Frank as he began to shy away from the horrific news. “She still knows though Frank. She still had those same dreams, she still read your diary, and she really thought that you were dead. You just were never put in the ground yet.”

“I-I-don’t know-I…”

“What? You don’t want to live now? ‘Cause I can take you to a really warm and fiery place right now. You were no angel Frank.”

“I’ll go. I want to live. I want to see my kids again. I-I-want to do try again.”

“You’ll be in a world of hurt when you come back.”

“I can deal with that.”

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