Cats and Cocaine

LolCats, cat videos on YouTube, and crazy cat ladies with over 20 cats—it’s an obsession that people can’t stop having.

It’s an obsession with cats.

Cats are the reason why so many other blogs get so many “likes” and “reblogs.” They lick their paws and take naps in such a manner that makes everyone so happy and drunk off of this overwhelming cuteness. It’s an epidemic that has quickly crept into the homes of the innocent and that has pushed its way on to every computer screen in the world.

It’s like a zombie infection that takes over your brain and leaves you only thinking about when’s the next time you’re going to get to see another cat. It’s even worse than a cocaine addiction that you try your best to shake in that it just keeps coming back like that damn crack pipe.

They hypnotize you with their eyes and draw you in with their cunning trickery that you cannot escape.

Go ahead. Try to look away.

Did you look away? No. You know why? That cute kitty has magical powers that possess your mind.

How about this one?

Did you puke rainbows? Good God that one even spoke!

The point of this is—that I really have no point. I just really want a kitty. : (

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