Fighting Homophobia with Discrimination

“Fighting Homophobia with Discrimination” is a title that definitely sounds like ‘fighting fire with fire’ and everyone getting burned because of it. But does discrimination get a pass if it’s trying to diminish views that limit the civil rights of the LGBT community?

My answer is no. I may get some heat for this, but first let’s talk about the situation.

According to the Los Angeles Times, The Don’t Say Gay Senator, who wanted to push a ban on the discussion of homosexuality in elementary and middle schools, Stacey Campfield was refused service at a restaurant in Knoxville Tennessee for his homophobic views. Many people are applauding the restaurant for its decision to refuse service to a man who has claimed, and I repeat, “that the HIV epidemic began when a gay airline employee had sex with a monkey.”

This guy is obviously a totally belligerent and ignorant a**hole who doesn’t need to be in any form of office or hold any sort of power or authority what so ever, and I agree that he’s a total douche-bag. But kicking the guy out of the Bistro at the Bijou restaurant doesn’t do anything but promote more hate and discrimination for everyone.

We live in a country where we (are supposed to believe as it is in our constitution) that we shouldn’t discriminate against anyone for being different than us or for having a different set of beliefs than we do. Gender, sexual orientation, race, religious beliefs, ideologies, and other social parameters that make us a unique set of individuals shouldn’t be used to set us apart and take away anyone’s rights, and doing this to anyone else because they did this to you isn’t the best way to help further equality for everyone either.

Acts like killing someone to show them that killing is wrong and discriminating against someone because they discriminate against others sounds ludicrous to me. And yes I know that mass murders steal the lives of so many people and wreck the lives of the victims’ friends and families just as I know that Sen. Stacey is single-handedly throwing everyone into the dark ages and further spreading the hate and animosity toward the LGBT community that has driven many young individuals to take their own lives. The thing is discriminating against bigots don’t stop the discrimination that comes from them, and remaining a step above these ignorant fools will give them an example of kindness and fairness that they should already have.

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