What Ever Happened to the Occupy Movement?

“…think of what ninety nine percent of the human race want – food, shelter, a secure family life and to be left alone by bosses and busybodies. Unfortunately the one percent who are interested in power and ideals and ideologies are the ones who call the tune.” -Aldous Huxley

Huxley’s statement still rings true sixty-five years later all over the world today. This awareness that only a measly one percent of the population holds all the power and most of the wealth tucked safe away in overseas banks and on thick gold, platinum, and black cards in their thousand-dollar wallets still rises to the surface, every now and then, when we get off from work or see an anxiety raising bill. Their is still economic inequality, just like there is social inequality, as I have mentioned before, right here and now.

After the Occupy movement activists’ camps started getting uprooted, the Occupy movement came back online proposing a new Declaration of Independence (from Corporations), along with a new Continental Congress in Philadelphia, and as of April 2012, the Movement continues to seek to bring attention to economic inequality processes. The thing is, even if you don’t see as many protesters outside with the “99 percent themed posters,” and people hanging out around tents, the movement still exists because the problem fueling the movement still exists.

“We used to be good at creating jobs, but now we’re not so good at creating jobs, we used to be good at creating bridges, or highways or infrastructure (we’re clearly not doing that, we haven’t done so for fifty years),”said David Rothkopf President and CEO of Garten Rothkopf and chief executive and editor at large of the Foreign Policy Group. “We used to lead the world in innovation, but the innovation is now coming from other places. So in the past ten years, what have we led the world in? The one thing that we have really led the world in is creating inequality.”

David Rothkopf on Wealth Distribution

3 thoughts on “What Ever Happened to the Occupy Movement?

  1. I’m with you, but I think the corruption of corporations is just part of human nature. The government does the same things (the mess of Congress, military, even the way getting an education works with skyrocketing financial aid to compensate for skyrocketing tuition). It’s just a mess that takes advantage of people it purports to help so that the ones who organized it and get into power can get ahead.

    Not really much to do about it for now but try to be one of those guys or girls. Sucks right?


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