Shock Wave: Part 13- Remember Who To Trust


Catch up before you continue on with the story.

The plan was incredibly simple. Slip outside the house while her husband was sleeping and sneak into Dr. Aislinn’s office in town to look for some answers to her past and possible help restore her memory completely. The problem, however, was her ability to actually pull this off without getting caught by the individuals who wanted her to forget something important.

Sarah concluded that it would take about an hour to walk into town if she took the roads. Taking James’ new custom made 1957 Chrysler 300C was not an option.  He paid attention to the mileage and would wake up instantaneously when she started the engine. Sarah had already left a small window open in the back the psychiatrist’s office and knew that Dr. Aislinn kept all of his files behind his desk in a locked cabinet. She would have to bring a few lock picking tools, but she knew she could open it easily.

She before she went to bed that night with her husband she considered not breaking in to her psychiatrist’s office and waiting for all of her memories to slowly flood back into her mind. The only downside to that seemingly “safer” option was that at any moment her husband or her psychiatrist could lock her up in an institution and force her to take those pills or, even worse, have her locked up there with her entire memory intact with no way to escape or to inflict payback on her captors.

She knew she had to act stealthy, quickly and accurately toward her goal of remembering her past. The people closest to her, right here and now, are not to be trusted. No one could be trusted because she couldn’t remember who to trust. And so that night while she waited for husband to fall soundly asleep she thought about her life and how it could have been. The only image that she could muster her mind was the one of the beautiful blonde women with brilliantly blue eyes. She knew this person was obviously the key to cracking the mystery and getting the rest of her memory back, but Sarah obviously couldn’t figure out how this piece of the puzzle connected to her and her current situation, but to be honest, she wasn’t even for sure if this key to the puzzle could be trusted.

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