“N” is for Night


Writers of Kern Blogging Challenge (A-Z)

She awakens as the heavy shadows sitting in the corners of the room begin to grow like wild vines along abandoned homes. She fills the space with a dense blanket of black as the sun falls behind the horizon and bleeds from yellow to orange. The night gives birth to the moon who takes the places of the fallen sun in the sky, and small balls of brilliant light begin to poke their way through the sea of darkness.

by: Benjamin Miller
by: Benjamin Miller

The night hides the creatures of the light and awakens those that wish to live their lives within the witching hours. The nocturnal beings of nature bask in the softened shimmers of the lunar body and dance their way to dawn.

As the morning approaches, the night gladly lifts her heavy veil of black quickly fading its dazzling diamonds in the sky, and slowly lifts the fiery sun above the horizon to relieve the evening watch position of the moon. The creatures of the night head for their beds as the mortals of the day lift the heavy lids of their eyes, and the night’s sea of darkness eventually gets burned away and replaced by the day’s field of blue only to gently rise again along with the moon.

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