“Q” is for Quiet


Writers of Kern Blogging Challenge (A-Z)

“One who will not accept solitude, stillness and quiet recurring moments…is caught up in the wilderness of addictions; far removed from an original state of being and awareness. This is ‘dis-ease.” ― T.F. Hodge, From Within I Rise: Spiritual Triumph Over Death and Conscious Encounters with “The Divine Presence”

When you close your eyes and embrace the darkness, which had been hiding underneath your lids, you tend to tune your ears in to the sounds that surround you. You can hear a pen drop. You focus your nose on all of the smells that dance in circles and swirl, and you could smell the small bit of perfume wafting away down the hall. And as you keep your eyes closed off to the universe, you can feel yourself reaching out in the dark for another soul. You rely on your other senses when you cut off one.

Curious DeerWhen the world around you grows quiet at night in an empty house, or when you wake up before the sun rises to go out for a morning run, your eyes widen. You can see more than you would have if it were noisier. When waking up in a tent after camping in the woods you can clearly smell the clean crisp air that freely circles the tall trees, and you feel as if you have taken off alone to live on some other beautiful planet.

It’s in the quiet moments of your day that you are alone to face your thoughts and really listen to they actually entail. You begin to hear your inner voice more clearly and get to know what makes you tick. Reconnecting with yourself in quiet is important in finding out who you truly are and how to conquer other problems throughout the rest of your day. So find a few moments of quiet time, even if it is only in the shower, maybe even close your eyes for a second, and listen only to what you have to say.

3 thoughts on ““Q” is for Quiet

  1. I need those quiet moments so that my characters can speak to me. With kids running around its chaos all the time. That’s why I hide in the bathtub just to think. I never used to take baths just showers Lol.


  2. I personally need total quiet, but a low level of distraction. My younger son (now 21, the managing editor for his college paper) is an incredibly prolific writer. One day last year (when he was home from college) he noted the slow weeping raindrops outside my office window: “Looks like writer’s weather” he said. That’s so true for me. I can write forever on a rainy day.


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