Connecting Through Words

glasses and favorite booksWho says you can’t hear the voice of the author just by reading his words? Why is it that the majority of people only believe film, television, speech, radio, and music are the only mediums to be awe inspiring and captivating? Why can’t the person with the pen command the attention of the room?

When you read the words of a great writer you are diving into the trillions of stories, that when compiled altogether, outnumber the stars. You can feel the raw emotions flowing from the characters as they take the form of magnificent adjectives, and you can picture more films in your mind from a novel than you can in any theater, because you are the one interpreting the words, imagining the scenes and living within the story as a reader.

You can better picture the story being told because YOU are actually the one that’s picturing it, and not some flashing images on a screen or voices from a box.

Written words can be as, or even, more powerful written than they are spoken, and they too can withstand the test of time and become cannon. So when I hear people saying that seeing someone’s face or hearing their voice makes you more connected to the words spoken than the power of the words themselves, I become saddened that beauty of the written word isn’t enough by itself for some people to enjoy and understand.

Being able to connect through the written word is a gift worth cherishing. The author and the reader can share an intimate moment within each other’s’ minds and continue to carry on a conversation within the bounded pages of books for centuries to come.

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