Versitility Blogger AwardSo this is pretty cool. I was nominated for the  Versatile Blogger Award by For the Wild and the Free, and in order to accept the award you have to thank the person who gave you the award and leave a link to their blog. Then you have to choose 15 nominees, write 7 interesting/random facts about yourself and pass on the award, and if you’ve been nominated before, you can just be happy in the knowledge that you’ve been picked again. It’s nice and it really does brighten up that persons day.

Here are 15 the blogs:

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Clarissa Kae

Jason Brown Writes

Late Bloomer 2013

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The Day MakerKeeping-a-Journal-More-Precious-than-Gold

Joan Raymond Writing

Writing In A Rain Drop

Tossing It Out

Modern Notebook

Dresses In Denim

Dana Martin Writing


Here’s some facts about me:

1. If you haven’t noticed by all the vegetarian posts on Sundays, I’m a vegetarian and I wrote a short ebook, called “The Beginners Guide to Becoming a Vegetarian,” available on Amazon about my experience with becoming a vegetarian and keeping it up for almost seven years.

2. I not only write because I love writing, but I write because I’m sure I would go legitimately crazy if I didn’t. If I’m not posting on my blog it’s in a journal, on some other site, in a newspaper, magazine or what have you even if I’m extremely busy.

3. I really do like being outdoors, hiking up hills and sleeping in tents. I feel completely refreshed after emerging from the woods, out of the middle of the desert or from the shores of a less populated beach.

4. I love music, yoga, and working out and I found out how weird it is for me to feel comfortable running, working out or doing yoga without music. I feel as though I kind of need it to get moving initially.

5. I’m something what people would call a “walking techbane.” Every electronic device or piece of technology that has ever crossed my path has broken, died or caught fire. It could totally be a coincidence, but I’ve replaced all my phones at least a few times from spontaneous error under warranty, this very computer has broken a few times and has been fixed, and people who walk with me at night think I’m some sort of a witch for having street lamp lights go out when I walk under them. :/ I assure you I am not though.

6. My favorite movie is Across the Universe (2007) directed by Julie Taymor and starring Evan Rachel Wood and Jim Sturgess. I’m sort of a Beatles fan and I love this interesting rendition of their songs so much that I actually have multiple copies of the film stashed in different locations.

7. People ask my why I like wearing dresses so much and, to be honest, it’s mostly because I like the fact that I can leave the house with no pants on (or trousers, for non American people,)  and it’s still publicly acceptable.

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