The Real Trouble With Parking On Campus

For spring 2014 semester, it cost students $229.00 for a parking permit.
For spring 2014 semester, it cost students $229.00 for a parking permit.

As of 2013, there were a total of 8,640 student parking spaces on campus…Enrollment for the fall 2013 semester was 38,325,” according to information gathered by The Daily Titan. After looking at the numbers one sees that there clearly is an issue.

The campus is aware that The Daily Titan has covered the topic of the student success fee and many of the students’ concern for the raise in tuition. However, were not aware until recently that this success fee doesn’t seem to ease the concerns of some of the other larger issues on campus such as parking.

The parking situation on campus is without a doubt frustrating to the students who make up the largely commuter-based school. This problem was the basis of a short film posted to YouTube. In it, four communications 462 students, including myself, have come together to bring awareness to the issues in order to spark action.

The film is part, a comedic film take, and a series of short interviews done around campus that aims to educate the members of the Cal State Fullerton community about their options, and gather opinions and suggestions from students about what should be done about parking.

The video does its best to grab the administrative attention to a major concern on campus. Many faculty and students are not aware of the carpool parking lots, helpful phone applications or discounted public transportation options. And this film aims to change that through education.

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