Coffee Shop Blogging

Cappuccino at Gnome Surry Hills by Sacha Fernandez, via Flickr
Photo by Sacha Fernandez, via Flickr

She felt the sharp sting of the hot handcrafted espresso beverage as it hit the tip of her tongue. The steamed soymilk foam did nothing to stop the boiling heat that had seeped like lava from the small to-go cup. She was sitting in the Barnes & Noble Starbucks café surrounded by dozens of magazine readers and students studying for tests, and she could do nothing but swallow the scalding drink as it engulfed her throat in flames while it traveled below, and continue typing on her brightly colored purple laptop.

Somewhere in between the stacks of popular dystopian settings of young adult novels lies the writer addicted to blogging for no one in particular. Occasionally, she looks for the thousand different words that are hidden within the pixels of Internet jpegs, and writes them down in posts to publish online.

Several hours later, after the laptop has traveled for miles inside of a black tote bag, the writer opens the purple writing tool at another coffee shop. Smooth jazz emanates from the speakers at the hipster-friendly artsy shop.

She sips some more scalding hot milk foamed espresso, and vigorously taps the retractable plastic buttons. She takes a quick glance at those sitting around her. A few book readers and bloggers relax on comfy older-looking mismatched chairs under homemade lamps in various shades of green.

Feeling somewhat satisfied, she schedules the small blurb about nothing onto her blog, sips some more of her cappuccino, and writes about something new.

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