Why Every Bachelorette Party Should Be Moved To The Woods



Alcohol, phallic imagery, strippers, and cheap dollar-store tiaras and sashes; the infamous bachelorette party was upon me as I accepted the role of maid of honor for the second time at the second wedding that I would attend within this last year. Luckily, both brides opted out of a drunken weekend in Vegas and chose to move the festivities outdoors and into nature.


I ended up planning a bachelorette camping trip this past weekend and, although there was still alcohol, nothing else about the trip up to San Bernardino National Forest’s mountains fell into the traditional debaucherous weekend (sans the minor head trauma I sustained after falling while loading gear into my car alone).


Bride Tribe


Instead, the weekend in the woods was used to truly connect with some of the other people that one of my best friends held dear in her life. I was able to understand the bride better as I got to know the other incredibly smart and caring young women. We collectively worked together to assemble some of the larger camping equipment, cook meals around the campfire, and help me pack up my vehicle at the end of the trip to avoid further injury. We were able to just sit by the campfire and look up at the visible twinkles of stardust splattered against the blackened sky as the light from the flames cascaded across our faces.


To be able to wake up to the cool and crisp morning mountain air as the late summer sun crept over the horizon was a treat that I look forward to during each camping trip. I enjoyed getting to know the other women as we hiked the hills that surrounded our campground. It only makes sense that I was easily able to connect with them in the place I run to in order to find clarity. Although it seems strange and not very traditional, I believe every bachelor and bachelorette party should be held in the woods. You get to experience an easy-going space in time to relax, unplug, and connect with some of the most important people in the bride’s life.



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