OctPoWriMo | Oct 1st – Oct 4th

October 1 | ASL

I watch as your hands fold and bend around invisible objects.

Your eyes widen, but your mouth barely moves.

Although there is no sound, I can hear the words that are painted with your fingertips,

And I can see the power emanating from your hands.

Your language is beautiful, and your descriptions of things lets me know how creative and smart you are.

Your movements are fluid, but unlike a dance they dive into a deeper meaning.

I envy those movements, and so I spend my nights learning to move just like you.

October 2 | Rebuild

For four months we laughed and cried.

We bonded over our love of nature and so I followed you into the darkest part of the woods.

I knew I shouldn’t have gone that far, but the way you held my hand calmed my nerves and dropped my protective guard.

I let you in, and when you left to travel deeper into the woods without me you took a few things from me with you.

It has taken me months to travel back into the light where I can see the warm sun shine down on my frigid skin,

But I can see the edge of the tree line.

October 3rd | Canyon

I looked on through the haze of the early morning while the sun was still beginning to burn off what was left—

And then I saw it.

My eyes grew large at the sight of the enormous gorge carved deep by the Colorado River.

The brick red and rich brown painted rock only added to my awe and amazement.

I became transfixed by the natural wonder finally sitting before me,

And so I sat for hours beside my best friend.

After twenty years of hopeful wishing I had finally let my eyes rest upon the canyon,

And seeing this wonder has only led me to want to see even more.

October 4th | Alone

I have to admit that the first time I woke up alone I was scared.

Scared that I would become so used to my me time that I would no longer tolerate partnership with another person.

I was happy and felt free, and for the first time in my life I was able to get up and do whatever I pleased.

It felt like an unlikely life-changing Christmas miracle without the snow,

Or a pleasant dream that you have forgotten all the details of from the previous night.

It had me scared that I would fall in love with waking up alone because I finally had the freedom to do so.

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