The Hollywood Intern: Part 8- When I Grow Up

Click here to start from the beginning. We grew up dreaming about becoming fireman, policeman, doctors, and princesses and when it was our time to graduate high school, start our first jobs, and pick a major for college we all derped and freaked out.  When it came to our deepest and darkest desires we all [...]

The Hollywood Intern: Part 7- Banned from the Bar

Click here to start from the beginning. I was getting pretty restless with the whole get up, merge into heavy Los Angeles traffic, go to one of two of my internships, and then come back home at the end of the day routine. It felt humdrum and repetitive and I really didn’t feel like this [...]

Go Ahead and Exaggerate A Little

Teen Brain After watching this video the other day I’ve realized something about the readers of this blog and me. For some reason we all love it when I exaggerate (for the most part). I literally do nothing during the day except for going to work, or school and then I go home and hang [...]

The Hollywood Intern: Part 6-The Baconator

Click here to start from the beginning. The June Gloom had faded away making room for an incredibly hot summer and I was sweating like a dammed person in the bowels of hell as I sat hopelessly lost in my car. I was too cheap to turn on the air conditioning in the 100 degree [...]

The Hollywood Intern: Part 5-Sitting There isn’t Free

Click here to start from the beginning. The brilliantly bold and golden ball was streaming its warm rays of light directly into my face as I drove down the overcrowded highway. I had my sunglasses on, the car visor down and in place, and a strip of tint on the very top of my car’s [...]

The Hollywood Intern: Part 4- Life Decisions

Click here to start from the beginning. I had no lunch, I was dehydrated and I had time in my second trip to the store to think about my confusing life. It was on my third run to the same store that day that all my problems that had been piling up made me snap. [...]

The Hollywood Intern: Part 3- The Gas Bill

Click here to start from the beginning. One the second day of my second internship I left the office early to go to my job at the department store that I had way across town. I had to leave about an hour and half or so before my shift began to get there on time [...]

The Hollywood Intern: Part 2- The Interesting Conversation

Click here to start from the beginning. It was on the first day of my second internship where I was reminded of the other reason of why I took on both of these internships. The second internship was located in the heart of LA where all of the famous fashion stores and Hollywood stars would [...]

The Hollywood Intern: Part 1: Into the Oblivion of Space

Click here to start from the beginning. I was sitting at my very uncomfortable chair inside my nice freezing refrigerator-of-an-office at one of my two internships when I thought to myself, ‘what am I doing here?’ It just hit me like a ton of bricks. I mean yes, I had applied to the position and [...]