Oregon Or Bust (Part 6)

During the chaos of planning for a trip to Oregon, dealing with my own Danielle Steel esque relationship drama, class work and my multiple jobs, my best friend from second grade managed to become someone’s girlfriend. I was obviously happy for her because she was my best friend, but I couldn’t help thinking that she had somehow screwed up my ongoing blog.

“Sooo, what about the guy in Oregon?” I said.

“I don’t know,” she said. “I kind of wondered if he would be sad and then I thought about it. Even if I were single what could really happen? We’re still pretty far away, he has a job in Oregon and I’m here working in California. I think that if it’s going to happen we’ll have another chance, but I just want to see what happens with his guy that I’m with now. He makes me soooo happy.”

Now what? I thought to myself. Do I have to change the title of my blog?

“I don’t mind seeing him though,” she said. “I mean, that’s not the initial reason why we were going right?”

Well of course it was. “I’m glad that you’re happy though,” I said. “Maybe we can go to Tahoe. It’s cheaper, and maybe we’ll be able to get everyone to go without kidnapping anyone and possibly receiving in jail time.”

“I just want to be with my friends,” my friend happily proclaimed behind the flash of a warm smile.

It was then that I realized what all this was really about. It was never supposed to be focused on some magnificent love story that I could write about, and it wasn’t supposed to be planned. This journey, that I randomly subjected myself to, wasn’t expected to spin into a cheap novel that you can grab while you’re on your way out of the grocery store.

This blog was about life, my friends and all of the unpredictable things that were to go along with them. “Oregon or Bust” was a journey that was—just that—a journey. It didn’t really matter where we actually ended up.

“You know what?” I said as I began to smile. “I just want to be with my friends too.”

To read the journey from the beginning click here.

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